The micropayment initiative from the experienced news media executives running Journalism Online has been relatively cloaked since the company was launched earlier this year. But in a filing to the Newspaper Association of America, it reveals more of its business plans.

Esssentially it would assume 10 per cent of existing users would participate in a paywall model and subscribe to a possible variety of options, ranging from a per-article micropayment to a fee for the fullest possible service. Journalism Online would share revenue and take about 20 per cent as a commission.

News companies would continue to offer a lot of content free under this model and continue to earn advertising revenue from that.

In its model for a large newspaper of one million circulation and 20 million unique visitors, Journalism Online believes it could generate about $33 million in the first year and $86 million in the second year, based on behavioural and other models it has generated. Obviously this would be a supplement to print revenue.


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